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On the 26th of November 2022 in Obiri Ikwerre for the annual celebration of Ikwerre Festival of Arts and Culture (IKWEFEST) From right is Emeritus Prof S Chituru Achinewhu. Felix Rolt and Ovuchi Agwu chairman of the organizing committee.Felix Rolt is a Post graduate student of School of Anthropology University of Oxford UK Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil).His DPhil research is Ikwerre Culture especially Ikwerre Traditional rulership.He will spend one year in Ikwerre community to collect data.He is already enrolled in Ikwerre kanguage school.He will receive copies of some books on Ikwerre History volumes 1&2 .Obi Wali annual lectures containing the History of Ogbakor Ikwerre and Ikwerre Development Association , The Port Harcourt question the publication containing the accurate history of the acquisition of the 25 square miles of Port Harcourt from a single village known as Diobu and many other publications on Ikwerre.